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Omni Burs

The product range for Brazen's Omni Bur line of brazed bur blanks includes all the major shapes and sizes including shanks from .0925 up to over 1” in diameter. Our ability to braze longer than normal shanks includes a standard range of 3”, 4” 6”, and 12” shank. Brazen can also braze shank lengths over 12”, upon your request.

Brazen Innovations, Inc. is a “made-to-order” JIT service order company. We formed our core foundation around the principal of supplying the customer required item “just-in-time”, everytime! Along with our service, many of our customers require a vast array of shank-to-blank combinations. In an effort to satisfy all the needs of our customers, Brazen stocks nearly every carbide shape in our expansive warehouse along with nearly every shank imaginable.


The product range for Brazen's Omni-Sinx line of brazed countersink blanks includes all the major sizes and included angles of 60, 90, and 110 degrees. Along with the variety of countersink heads, Brazen can install any specified combination to meet your exact needs. This includes shanks ranging over 1” in diameter and 36” in length. Other combinations will be quoted upon your request.

Premier Brazing Service

Brazen's Premier Brazing Service is for our customers who prefer to ship their product either via drop shipment (or from their stock) to our facility. Brazen in turn, puts the items together utilizing the same methods and standards as with the Omni Bur production. This method of production is a good way for most “first time” customers to feel comfortable that Brazen Innovations, Inc. can handle the task at hand.

With either method of operation you will get the following set of services

Standard Services:

Lot number designation tracing all components back to its ore composition

Three (3) year lot history file
Quality inspected
Large selection of industry standard items
Vibratory finish
Conveniently packed in sealed bags of 50 or 100 pieces
Cleaned and oiled ready for grinding

Special Services:

Customer specific packaging
Customer specific shank finishing
Custom brazing using special sizes, shapes, and shanks
Contract blanket orders with maintained inventory levels
Emergency service

Brazing only service

Please contact Brazen Innovations, Inc. for an up-to-date price list of Omni-Burs, Omni-Sinx, and Premier Brazing Services.


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